MFW | Be Inspired By ‘Street Style’

With fashion shows and Milan Fashion Week now behind us, we can take a look at what will be the most popular looks of the season.

The fashion insiders, who have physically taken over the city streets after seasons of digital shows, have come up with a bunch of new trends to get inspired by.

Pastel-coloured mini-skirts and bare legs are guaranteed to be highlights, like those worn by the top influencers for the Prada show.

The crop top is also a star, seen in many different versions, from crop cardigan to bustier.

When it comes to bags, the key word is without a doubt “mini“. Plenty of tini handbags in vibrant shades, which are perfect for any type of look, from daytime to late evening.

Last, but certainly not least, the focus is on crystals. Shoes, bags, but not only, completely covered in bright swarovski, perfectly describe the desire to start having a life full of social events and nightlife again.